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What are Fast Bail Bonds?

Fast bail bonds are generated by a Nevada Bail Bondsman that acts as the guarantor for the appearance of an accused individual in court. Even though normal agents for other types of contracts are generally banks and insurance companies these entities are not normally comfortable with the risk associated with offering bail bonds to accused criminals.

Fast Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Fast Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Bail Bonds Las Vegas

How Do Fast Bail Bonds In Las Vegas Work?

The first step is to hire a reputable licensed Las Vegas Bail Bondsman or service. Once the bond application is filled out and approved the person applying for the fast Bail Bonds in Las Vegas secures it. Generally, this is done with an amount of money that is 15% of the bond total.

The Fast Bail Bonds in Las Vegas require a bond premium, which is set by the state and is non-negotiable and non-refundable and can’t be, altered or negotiated. Once this is done the Fast Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will go to the jail where the accused is held and the Bail will be posted. The release is usually fast and takes anywhere from 2 to 12 hours.

Las Vegas Jail

Local Jails in the Las Vegas Area:

– City of Las Vegas Detention Center
– Clark County Detention Center
– Henderson Detention Center

There are three major detention facilities in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, they are the Las Vegas Detention Center, Clark County Detention, and Henderson Detention. The Las Vegas Detention Center is the second-largest and is located on I-95 East. It’s hard to miss this jail because it is surrounded by a large barbed wire fence and high wall. Inmate searches can be done at any hour of the day or night. The information available in the search includes the inmate’s arrest record, their charges, the bail amount, and their next court appearance date.

Clark County Detention Center is the largest facility in the metro Las Vegas area. Unlike the other facilities, it is manned by a city and county forces headed by the Sheriff of Clark County. He is the only elected law enforcement officer in the county and as a consequence, the Nevada department is not under the direct control of any other state office or agency.

Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Clark County Detention Center Las Vegas

Clark County Detention Center Las Vegas

The Henderson detention center is a facility that provides a variety of services for misdemeanor arrests, U.S. Marshal services, Park Services, spillover from other detention services and Customs. It is directed by the Police Chief, and Deputy Chief of Support and overseen by a Captain of Corrections.
The facility is manned on average by 114 employees who manage about 500 inmates.

How To Get An Inmate Out Of A Local Jail

-Hire an Attorney -Pay the full amount -Pay only 15% by purchasing a Bail Bond

There are three ways to get a loved one released fast from jail in Las Vegas, Hire a lawyer, Pay the full amount of the bond, or purchase a Fast bail bond in Las Vegas from a Bail Bondsman. Although a lawyer can get your loved one out of jail it a problem with two things here, time and money. First, you will have to retain the lawyer. What does that cost? Who knows for sure?

The other problem is time. It could take weeks even months because you have to get in front of the judge and that is totally dependent on his schedule. The best option is a Bail Bondsman. In Las Vegas, it costs 15% of the bail amount for a bond. No Lawyer is needed and your loved one is released in 2 to 12 hours after the bond is posted at the Las Vegas jail.

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Fast Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Fast Bail Bonds Las Vegas

How Expensive Is A Las Vegas Bail Bond?

Bail bonds in Las Vegas costs are set by the state and are 15% of the face amount. This fee is non-negotiable and nonrefundable and is generated by specialists called a Bail Bondsman.

Are There Payment Options?

You have the option of paying by check, cash, or major credit card in person, online or by phone. Using this method is fast.

Bail Bonds Las Vegas