Types of Henderson Bail Bonds

Types of Henderson Bail Bonds

Knowledge on Types of Henderson Bail Bonds comes in handy when a loved one gets into custody in Henderson, and you are required to bail them out. In America, People are considered guilty until proven otherwise. Here is what you need to know about Henderson Bail Bond’s processes and how we at eBAIL help you get your loved one out of custody.

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Detainees Arraignment Decision made by the Judge

There are three possible outcome decisions that can be made by a judge when a person is arraigned in court. First, if the alleged crime is a misdemeanor, the detainee can be released by own recognizance without bail. Second, if the offense in context is classified as a felony, the judge can set a Bail amount which should be paid to free the detainee. Third, in case the offense in context is serious such as murder, the detainee can be jailed without bail. Our Henderson Bail Bondsman will help you if the case outcome is number two where Bail should be paid to warrant the release of your loved one.

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Get Bail Reduced with an Attorney

The detainee always has the option to wait in jail for a bail hearing. The detainee will need to hire a Henderson Attorney to negotiate the new terms of the bail. It is never guaranteed that the judge will even grant bail or reduce the originally assigned amount.

Detainee has two bond Options

There are two bond options available for detainees; cash bonds and surety bonds. Cash bonding in Henderson entails you or another person close to the detainee paying the entire face value of a bond to free them. Surety bonding, on the other hand, entails you paying 15% of the bond value to a Henderson Bail Bondsman. After paying this percentage, no extra money is required whatsoever within the course of the case, and it is our duty to get the detainee out of Henderson jail. We offer the best Bail Bonds in Henderson services.

Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Marc Gabriel

Bail Bonds in Las Vegas Marc Gabriel

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Common Types of Bail Bonds (surety bonds)

At eBAIL, we offer surety bonds services to cover the following

Felony Bail Bonds

Controlled Substance Bail Bonds

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Driving Under the Influence Bail Bonds

Traffic Bail Bonds

Immigration Bail Bonds

Weapons Bail Bonds

No Money Down Bail Bonds

Warrant Bail Bonds

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Our Henderson Bail Bondsman will help you secure the freedom of your loved one today at a small commission.

How Does a Bail Bond in Henderson work?

Bail Bonding is a very easy yet tasking process for a beginner. Usually, you are required to pay 15% of the bail amount to the Bondsman. The Bondsman, in turn, pays the full bond amount to the jail to warrant the release of the detainee. eBAIL is the trusted partner for Henderson Bail Bonds services.

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How expensive are Henderson Bail Bonds?

A Bail Bond is usually 15% of the Bail Value which is nonrefundable. It is undisputed that eBAIL is the best Henderson Bail Bonds, service provider. Marc Gabriel comes second as the best alternative.

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